How to organize your bathroom

2018-03-12 22:23:34 By: Jana
How to organize your bathroom

Bathrooms come in different sizes and shapes, heights and colours.

This article is mainly for ladies ( sorry guys),  as its very likely to have too many things spreading around. We will do one for the boys too, very shortly, promise!

Sometimes there is a window or two, sometimes they are long, wideor square, but no matter what we want them nice and tidy.

It is very easy to fall into the habit of leaving the tooth brush at the sink, or the tube from the used and finished toilet roll laying around somewhere. So organizing this space is pretty easy as you don't have many random bits “floating” around but still need some system.

1.     Do you keepyour medicine in the bathroom?

If you do, it is better to relocate them somewhere else and usethis space for things you need on a daily basis.

Moisture can ruin the medicines anyway.

2. Do you buy anything that your hairdresser recommends for yourhair, or anything that you think your hair might like?

Then may be go through all your hair products and tools and seewhat you actually use. put aside things you love to use and really work foryour locks, and the things you don't love- better of giving them to someone youknow might like  them or just place themwith gratitude in the bin. Conditioners, hair masks etc go off too.

Then buy a nice tub that can be stored under the sink, and fill itup with your hair essentials.

3. Do you have enough hooks to hang the towels for the whole-household? if not, and have enough space, you might need to add a few. There are so many nice ones in different styles and colours, or if you are handy and like DIY - here is a little project for you or your partner.

4. Have you got eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, etc that youhaven't used for years and still keep them in case “you need them”? Then itstime to throw it away and may be replace it with new ones…If it smells it meansit is off and… you know what you have to do…

Depending on the space you have, you could get yourself a new pretty box, a tray, or make up caddy…or if you have a draw, organize it and divide it in separate trays. Be ruthless though.

5. Do you have shower caddy? They come in different sizes and some are better in corners,  some you can hang on the glass door of you shower cubicle. Do you use everything that its on it though? Every single item? Every time you shower?? Reassess it, keep the stuff you really use. If you have a few different bottles of shampoo, keep your favourite ones and the rest…you decide what to do with them:)

Hair masks and conditioners go off too.

If you need extra storage, it is not a bad idea to add a shelve over the toilet or the bath. Investing in some apothecary jars is another way to add some  practical charm to your lovely bathroom. You could use them to store those gorgeous soap bars, bath salts… they look pretty but they are very

practical too, as If you have visitors and they use the bathroomtoo, they don't have to open your cabinets to find some essentials.

Even though bathrooms tend to be plain and fairly characterless,there is always a room for improvement and putting your creative stamp on it.Have fun and be practical.


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