Care of Peva Shower Curtains

Keep the Bathroom Dry

To prevent mould from building up on the inside of your PEVA shower curtain, always run the exhaust fan in the bathroom for at least 20 minutes after taking a shower and open bathroom windows and doors to improve air circulation for things to dry.

Next, wipe the PEVA shower curtain off with a washcloth after each shower to remove any excess moisture left on the PEVA curtain.

Spread out the shower curtain across the shower rod so that the PEVA has more air to dry off, and pull the hem of the shower curtain away from the bathtub wall so that it can dry properly.

Prevent Mould Build-up

Finally, prevent mould from building up on the PEVA shower curtain on a daily basis by spraying the tub side of the curtain with a homemade cleaning mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water after each shower use.

Supplies for Removing Mould

However, if the mould has already built up on the inside of your PEVA shower curtain or shower liner, then you will need a few household items to remove the mould before taking these preventive measures.

To remove the mould build-up on your PEVA shower curtain you will need a box of baking soda, a bottle of vinegar, a clean sponge, measuring cups, and an old towel.

Mix Bathtub Solution

First, remove the PEVA shower curtain from the shower rod rings.

Next, place the drain stopper in the bathtub and fill the bathtub with warm water until the water is just about halfway up the tub.

As the bathwater is running, mix one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar in with the warm bathwater.

Soak Mouldy Curtain

Next, carefully place the PEVA shower curtain in the tub and slowly swish the shower curtain around in the water mixture until the mould build-up on the PEVA has fallen off into the water.

Scrub Leftover Mould

Use a clean sponge to gently scrub any remaining mould build-up off of the PEVA shower curtain.

Once the PEVA shower curtain or shower liner is clean, unstop the drain and allow the mouldy water to exit the bathtub while lifting the curtain or liner out of the water.

Rinse the Shower Curtain

Rinse off the curtain under clean cool running water and wipe down the PEVA shower curtain or shower liner with an old towel.

Dry the Shower Curtain

Finally, re-hang the PEVA shower curtain or shower liner back on the shower rod rings while spreading out the curtain or liner far enough so that the PEVA has plenty of air to dry out the rest of the way.

And there you have it! No more mouldy messes to place your hand on after taking a nice clean hot shower!

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