Care of Fabric Shower Curtains

Recommendations for the care of shower curtains vary between manufacturers and according to the particular type of shower curtain you have.

Here we have provided some general tips but it is important to note that the condition of your shower curtain over time will also depend on other factors, for example the quality and type of curtain purchased, the conditions in your own bathroom and how well you care for your curtain.

One very important tip to note is that your shower curtain should be allowed to dry after every use. This can be achieved by ensuring that the curtain is stretched out rather than bunched up and by opening a window to allow the circulation of air. Even the highest quality treated shower curtain will succumb to mould if not allowed to dry.

Your should also ensure that when choosing the length of your shower curtain, the bottom will not be resting on the floor of the shower or bath, as this will make it very difficult for the hem of the curtain to dry out.

If you spot the onset of mould on your shower curtain in the early stages the stains can easily be removed through thorough washing or by soaking and using stain remover where necessary. Avoid bleach unless you are sure you know what you are doing as this can easily spoil the colour of your curtain.

All of our polyester and fabric curtains may be machine washed on a gentle wash setting and this should be done on a regular basis. Considering how often most showers are used, a monthly wash would be ideal. This avoids any potential build up of soap deposits along with any mould or mildew.
You may iron the shower curtain after washing while is still wet to ensure waterproof properties. It is best to iron the wrong side of the fabric. Do not pull or tug on the fabric while pressing.

If you have any further questions at all about any of our products or how to care for them please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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