Home Décor Ideas for 2018

2018-03-06 07:14:37 By: John
Home Décor Ideas for 2018

Finally, the end of winter is in sight and it’s time to sit back and take stock of what needs doing around the house to give your interior design a needed spark.

In terms of colour schemes, greys, in keeping with the still very much industrial trend still proliferate, but in 2018 it is predicted that bolder colours will come to the fore to complement this look. One striking way to achieve this is by adding some vivid lime or emerald greens to your living space. This can be done with chairs, cushions, throws and even some original artwork. All said, emerald and lime greens look to be key colours moving on deeper into 2018.

You may be used to hearing so-called experts proclaiming the death of dark wood furniture, but another wonderful way to gain contrast in a modern living space, and one that is gaining great traction and street cred is to add a piece of dark wood furniture! You need not worry about the environment here, either as there is so much dark wood furniture available in the second hard market place, via charity warehouses, boot sales and auctions. In addition to this the recent growth in the mango wood trade (which is sustainable thanks to the wood being a by-product of growing mangoes) allows for furniture that can be stained almost any shade.

In keeping with the tropical theme, tropical prints are going to be big in 2018 and look great contrasted with the lime greens and dark wood furniture to boot. Big bold tropical patterns can be added via cushion covers, bed spreads and crockery. Think about going even greener by adding some big, leafy indoor plants to complete the effect.

You don’t want to completely discard the very cool industrial effects and you can keep your foot in the industrial door by adding some upcycled metallic objects. There are some very inventive lamps on the market, which you can find in many Etsy stores, that upcycle old, everyday objects like Brownie cameras, old pumps and pipes etc. by turning them into one-of-a-kind lamps complete with Edison bulbs. This gives off a great industrial / steampunk vibe as well as a connection to traditional, historical objects.

One great way to achieve a lighter, airier and depending on your home’s aspect, more natural look is to replace tired curtains and window dressings with digital print zebra blinds. Some of the digital prints available these days are absolutely staggering and the nature of a zebra blind, which is often referred to as a ‘vision blind’ is such that you not only obtain a great stylistic boost, but also achieve a superb degree of light control when you install one. The secret as to how the blind manages this effect is in the alternating parallels of translucent and opaque fabrics. The blind is structured in a way that allows variable alignment of the back and front layers in a manner that renders a unique light filtering effect that is capable of enhancing all living spaces.


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