2018-06-11 11:04:03 By: Jana

As the holiday season is fast approaching we decided to write a post about

Peshtemals. Or in other words, maybe it is more familiar - ham towels.

Originally coming form from Ottoman hammam culture, dating hundreds of years ago, those super soft, 100% cotton made towels were designed to help bathers maintain their privacy.


The colour and patterns used to indicate the region the people are from and is part of a huge cultural tradition till today.


There are many different kinds of peshtemals, but they are all made of 100% cotton, premium cotton which has extra long fibers that means fewer joins, which makes the cotton threads stronger and smoother.

Those versatile towels absorb the water faster then their conventional sisters.


Very easy to fold and carry, taking less space , makes them perfect for the beach, pools, spas, sport facilities, baby and toddler care and even you can find them used as chair or bed throws, plane snuggles and table cloths, sarongs , wraps and scarf's.

Peshtemals are also called as we already said before - hamam towels and  Foutas.

The ones you can find in our store come in very different colours and patterns, they have luxurious feel and are made from the finest Turkish cotton. It is very important how its been looked after. We recommend when washed for the first time to be soaked in cold water overnight. Then washed in 40 Degrees C, tumble dried if preferred and hanged to dry.  Do not over dry it, and If you do, can be washed again. Do not use bleach and fabric softener. If it is cared for the right way, it will last long and keep it’s fast absorbance and softness.


We hope you enjoy this beautiful product and let us know your thoughts on the subject


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