Seat Cushions

2018-06-26 10:36:36 By: Beytug
Seat Cushions

Have a seat and relax!

Make yourself comfortable.


Nowadays this is rather easy. Thankfully cushions were invented.

The earliest known in use is circa, 7000BC in Mesopotamia. At that time and even later, cushions were a way to show status, the more you have the wealthier you are. There are evidences that Greeks and Romans used them also and that’s how we have them in Europe today. They used larger cushions for reclining and smaller ones for sitting on chairs or for sleeping also. 

Just like the Egyptians, Europeans still use them under the deed's head, for support.

 During 19th century, cushions and pillows began to make its way through the middle-class homes and they were more affordable to a wider audience.

20th Century brought more modern, experimental look and the usage became even wider.

Going back to ancient times, cushions were much larger, covered with leather, much firmer and with time they become smaller,softer and made of different materials and fabrics.

Nowadays the seat cushions could be stuffed with wool, feathers, polyester, non woven material and even can be stuffed with small fragments of paper. It could be made of cotton, leather, linen, the options are endless. Some are more expensive than others .

Seat pads could be used outdoors as we asindoors, they even could be found in cars as a back support for the driver orpassengers. 

Seat cushions are great accessories, used ascolour detail, could be fashionable statement but most of all they bring comfort.

So when choosing some for yourself make sure youselect the kind that provides the level of comfort that suits your needs.

If you have specific positioning needs, makesure that the cushions you choose can meet them as you will be the one sittingon them.

These days you could find chair cushions madeout of hundred kinds of fabrics and materials but for best comfort you shouldconsider the ones made of breathable fabric, light and airy.

Other factors not to be ignored are the weight, heightand the way of maintenance.

If you are using them outdoors, they will bewashed more often and it is very possible the sun to bleach them, so the carefor them is different. Always read the label and stick to it.

Colours and shapes in Fashion?! At the momenteverything is in fashion - patterns, plain, retro, modern, floral, minimal…everything goes. Colour coordinated, or eclectic …as far as you are happy!


Enjoy them and use them!

In our store you could find our new range of seat cushions, made of quality materials. They come in big  variety of shades and patterns. Please contact us if you need any help. Feedback is always welcome!


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